We are in Jordan…

We arrived today in Amman, Jordan after a smooth flight.  We will meet with Islamic Relief in the morning and get a briefing on the weeks activities.  It was surprising to pass by the Syrian embassy in Amman with about 50-60 Syrian refugees standing outside. We will begin hygiene kit distribution tomorrow afternoon.  Further details will be provided later.

We brought our 20 soccer balls, toothbrushes (many donated by Dr. Leah Van Allen, dentist in Brantford, Ontario – thanks Leah!) and toothpaste (60 lbs) kindly donated by Dr. Colin Day, dentist in Dundas, Ontario.  We also had no problems getting the Physician Travel Pack (PTP) into Jordan (supplied by Quebec-based Health Partners International of Canada) – thanks Claudia for your help with this.

Stay tuned for our update tomorrow as we spend our first day in the field.

On a great note, we have surpassed the $116,000 mark in fundraising.  This is an on-going disaster.  Please consider donating regularly to the project through Help4Syria.ca or IslamicReliefCanada.org.

Help4Syria Project Team.

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