Day 3: Distribution in Ramtha

Very nice day today.  Traveled to site in Ramtha, 2km south of the Syrian border.  Hard to believe that such chaos is happening so close by.  Indeed, the locals state that occasionally stray shells from across the border hit areas of this small town.  Islamic Relief has allocated 845 hygiene packs here with 200-250 being distributed each day for 4 days.

Saba, Hamza and Yusra participated in the distribution and handed out the remainder of the 60 lbs of Crest toothpaste donated by dentist, Dr. Colin Day in Dundas, and Dr. Leah Van Allen, dentist in Brantford (see pictures below).  The remainder of the Crayola pencil crayons were also distributed with lots of smiles from kids and moms.

Tomorrow, I will do a clinic at Akhila Hospital in Amman, taking care of 25 seriously injured Syrians, including 8 children.  Saba and Hamza will perform brief interviews and take photos of the admitted children and document how they ended up coming to the hospital in Jordan from their homes in Syria.  It is sad how in our newspapers we only read about the stats – such as the number of Syrians killed or the number of Syrians who crossed the border as refugees.  Through this project we want to sit down and speak to these unfortunate youngsters and put a face and a story to each one.

Stay tuned.  Photos below.  Once again, thank you for your support.  The Syrians who hear that this help is coming from Canadians express their deepest gratitude and thanks.  God bless.


A few of some of the 445 hygiene kits being distributed at the IR distribution center in Ramtha, Jordan, just 2km south of the Syrian border. To the left are toothpaste and toothbrush packs prepared by our young volunteers.


Young boy with Crayola colored pencils, toothpaste and toothbrush distributed by Help4Syria project team.


Mazher Latif (left) and Raza Khan in the courtyard of the IR distribution center in Ramtha, Jordan, just 2km south of the Syrian border.


Young Syrian boy waiting for his mother – Ramtha, Jordan.


Syrian refugees cue up for distribution of hygiene packs. IR protocol states that beneficiaries should not stand in sunshine or to receive their hygiene packs for more than 10 minutes. Ramtha, Jordan.


Young Syrian boy with donated colored pencils, toothpaste and toothbrush.


Happy young boys at distribution center – Ramtha, Jordan.


Happy young Syrian child with colored pencils donated by the Help4Syria team.


Elderly woman carries her hygiene pack from the distribution center. Ramtha, Jordan.


To see a smile on these children’s faces is a great feeling.


Young Syrian child receives a toothbrush. It was her favourite color.


Help4Syria project team members distribute donated toothbrushes.


Distributing toothbrushes – Ramtha, Jordan.

2013_06_19_hpdist_ramtha_toothbrushes4 (1)

Happy young children with their toothbrushes.


Distribution of toothpaste, Ramtha, Jordan.


Distribution of toothpaste to children – Ramtha, Jordan.


Yusra Latif, Help4Syria Project volunteer moving hygiene packs into the cue.


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